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Psychology Resources on the Internet

Manitoba website with comprehensive list of resources

Alcohol Help Center
Free, interactive program to help check drinking, provide tools and information to help deal with
concerns and provide access to others dealing with drinking problems.

American Psychological Association of America
Information on psychology and general tips for coping with some of life’s day-to-day problems.

Anxiety Disorders Association of America
Describe the different types of anxiety disorders and provides detailed information about both
mediation and various forms of psychological treatment.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Canada
Organization devoted to helping people with anxiety disorders.

Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba
Registered self-help charity committed to helping individuals who struggle with anxiety disorders. Self-help Website
Provides free text-based self-help programs for a variety of anxiety disorders.

Avoiding Burnout – Stress Management
Information that can help you avoid job burnout. It can also help you to recover from burnout where it
has already occurred.

Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba Division
Assists individuals and families in accessing information on a variety of services and support available in

Canadian Psychological Association
Professional organization representing many psychologists in Canada. Provides information about
several disorders.

Changeways Clinic
Provides information on psychological issues and includes a free, self-care depression program.

Co-Parenting Tools
Tools for simplifying shared child custody communication and co-parenting.

Cognitive Behavior Therapy
What cognitive therapy is all about.

Compassion Fatigue Awareness Project
Numerous resources for caregivers working in many professions. CFAP also offers original training
materials, workbooks, and texts through our parent organization, Healthy Caregiving LLC.

Daily Strength
Online supports groups for your health and wellness.

DAVDA Psychology
Sleep website with questionnaire.

Depression Center
Offers a free, online 16-session cognitive behavioural therapy course for depression.

Healthy Place
Consumer mental health site, providing comprehensive information on psychological disorders and

Healthy Weight Center
Free online programs helps to create a healthy weight program.

Higher Awareness
Personal development plans for self awareness and manifesting.

Inspirational stories that will uplift and transform.

Manitoba Health
Full listing of Government of Manitoba health resources.

Mood Disorders Association of Manitoba
Self-help organization helping individuals and families affected by mood disorders.

National Institute of Mental Health
Organization devoted to research focused on the understanding, treatment and prevention of mental
disorders and the promotion of mental health.

Northern Light Technologies
“Light Therapy” for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Panic Center
Free, interactive online cognitive behavioural therapy program to help people challenge and overcome
their anxiety and panic.

Psych Central
Independent mental health social network created and run by mental health professionals.

Setting Personal Boundaries – Protecting Self
On this page codependency therapist/inner child healing pioneer/Spiritual teacher writes about the
importance of, and process of, setting personal boundaries.

Shyness Institute
Private treatment center specializing in shyness.

Stop Smoking Center” target=”_blank”>
Offers 10 free memberships per day (first come, first serve). Helps people create a quit-plan and
provides tools for quitting.

Surviving Infidelity
Surviving Infidelity is your safe place to come and share your pain and feeling of isolation upon discovery
of betrayal.

Toastmaster’s International
Organization devoted to helping people improve their public speaking skills. Offers public speaking tips.

Uplift Technologies
“Light Therapy” for those suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

Verbal/Emotional Abuse
Understanding verbal and emotional abuse and co-dependent relationships.

Consumer information section on medications.

You are not Crazy
Interactive tool designed with the hope that women involved with abusive men can recognize abuse for
what it is: unacceptable.